Xpress Meat Market has been one of the pioneers when it comes to barbecue, serving all Lee County for more fresh and high quality meats. Our products undergo a strict quality control according to Brazilian and U.S. standarts. To better serve our client’s needs, we offer internet shopping, home delivery and special orders by phone. Keeping the same customer service, quality and specialized service that we always offered.

We now offer a personalize online service, giving you the opportunity to shop in the comfort of your home. Now with just one click of the mouse, you are able to find out about our huge selection of meat, poultry, pork and a variety of brazilian products as well! Our goal is to reach those who love Brazilian products and unique way to barbecue but sometimes face some challenges coming to our location. Now with the online store we go to you!

The chosen place was Fort Myers, Florida. The dedication and responsibility of the team Xpress would be equal in any other part. It was from this dedication and attention to our customer’s needs that the strong and memorable name of our company was born and sealed.

The entrepreneurial spirit invigorates our team every day with new features and improvements to always serve you better. To us, it is always a pleasure to welcome you and meet your needs.

Today, Xpress Meat Market is an iconic reference of the best in meat, poultry and Brazilian products that can be expected.

The success of Xpress undoubtedly comes from perseverance, determination, honesty, love and strength of our team.

Therefore we cannot stop thanking you, our customers, families, friends, suppliers and above all, GOD for all our achievements.