Type of dish: Barbecue

Monitoring Preparation: 30min

Yield:6 servings

Difficulty: mediun

Category:Main dish

5 pounds of meat

seasoned with barbecue salt or our famos brazilian sal grosso

The right spot for the hot start is when your barbecue charcoal

is covered by a layer of white ash, smoldering

or smoke,  the high temperature is very important, which can take up to 20 minutes to half-hour

It is important that the temperature is very high when you

put the meat, so that the heat sear and seal the surface .but without flames that will burn it. On this stage, put the seasoned meat on the grill pay atention for the flames not to get to high splashing water if necessary. When the side fat turn golden brown it is cooked mediun / to mediun well.

Cut the meat properly is also important:

Always in the opposite direction of the fibers, maintains the softness of the flesh.


Tip:Serve with white rice,yuca flour and potato salad.